Often restoring decks can be problematic as traditional sanding may not always be possible or the best method to restore the outdoor area. In the case of a deck with protruding screw heads or screws that can’t be punched down to allow the sanding process to happen, inbuilt deck lighting and other factors may mean that an alternative method needs to be used.

Keep in mind that the outdoor timber is exposed to natural elements like the harsh Australian sun, Melbourne rain and need frequent restoration. Due to these harsh elements, the timber deck is often more warped than timber flooring inside the house and therefore requires a lot more sanding to restore it to its natural colour. This means precious millimetres of timber is removed each time it is sanded, which in turn reduces the life of the wood.

Eurostyle Timber Floors Melbourne have researched and successfully implemented a more affordable and beneficial method of restoring and maintaining timber decks. We utilise a combination of specialised cleaning products suitable for timber, and mechanical cleaning machines combine with professional pressure washing. A mix of products are used to remove off old oils and stains firstly, then another product that helps brighten and restore the timbers natural colour. Then finally sealing the wood with the right product to ensure it is protected from the elements and to enhance the timbers natural colour.

Various decking products are available on the market from clear decking oils to stained semi-transparent stains. And Eurostyle floors can guide you to find the right one for your deck.

Timber Deck Greyed and stained by the elements

1. Specialized cleaning products combined with mechanical cleaning are used to strip off existing decking oil and then brighten timber to restore the natural colour stripped off by the sun.

No precious timber is shaved off by the sanding process.

2. Decking oils that protect and enhance the look of the timber are then applied to give you a beautiful outdoor entertaining area that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

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