Sanding & Coating

The procedure of sanding & coating the floor is AN EXTREMEMLY IMPORTANT ONE. Short cuts in this procedure will not only affect the look of the floor (making the difference between a mediocre finish and a spectacular one) but will decrease the durability of it as well.

Unfortunately ever more sanding companies are reducing the amount of sands they give the floor and using less varnish (by reducing the coats applied) Did you know that If too little sands are given to the floor the floor may appear patchy and uneven, not only that but the varnish will actually be absorbed into the timber rather than sitting on top of it thus creating a protective long lasting layer.

Did you also know
that all varnishes are NOT all the same? Some cheaper varnishes have a higher solvent content making them thinner and runnier thus leaving a much thinner protective layer on the timber which means years off the life of your floor. It also means the hassle of having to re sand and coat much earlier than necessary not to mention the extra expense.

How many times we have gone to quote jobs for people who require a full re sand to their timber floors and judging by the condition of the floor we make the assumption that the floor is at least 10-12 years old (due to the fact that very little varnish is left on the floor) only to discover that it was done only 4 or 5 years ago.... A job not done properly may save you money initially but will come back to haunt you at a later stage!

Eurostyle Timber Floors is dedicated to offering the best products and service possible. We want you to recommend us to your friends and the only way we can ensure that you do that is to ensure the quality of our workmanship is impeccable.

We offer many different types of finishes: solvent based, water based even waxes. When we come out to quote the job we evaluate and advise you on the best finish for your situation and lifestyle.

Eurostyle Floors are expert sanders and can make even old worn out floors look great again as well as bring out the natural beauty and warmth of a newly laid floor.

If you want to give your light coloured floor more warmth and depth, staining is a great way to do this. Two main methods are commonly used.

– which means adding the stain of your choice to the second coat of varnish in order to alter the colour of the timber then giving this coloured coat one protective clear coat. This is the method most commonly used amongst sanders but not always the best method.

is a highly specialized method of staining the floor. It differs from the 'toning' method in that the floor is meticulously sanded (like a piece of furniture) then the stain is applied DIRECTLY to the timber so that it is absorbed into the timber then three clear protective coats are applied over the top. Obviously this is the "ultimate" staining method as the finish will not only look better but will last MUCH longer. Eurostyle has been using the direct stain method for many years and is an expert in this area.