Floating Floors (Engineered Timber)

"Floating Floors" or "Engineered Flooring" as they are also called are different to solid timber in that they generally consist of a 10mm base multi layer of plantation timber which gives the board strength and stability with 3-4 mm of actual hardwood veneer as a top layer. The top is usually already pre-sanded and coated (in a satin finish with a UV cured acrylic coating) which means the installation process is much quicker, simpler, no smells or drying times needed.

The boards have a tongue and groove system which are either held together with adhesive or fit together with a "click in" system. The Floating floor is laid over a 2-3 mm foam underlay which means it has a softer feel underfoot when walked on, as well as having a slightly more hollow sound.

Laminate flooring is made to look like natural products such as wood yet is made up of either synthetic materials (usually melamine resin) or of synthetic materials combined with natural and recycled ingredients and covered with an attached decorative appliqué including an aluminium oxide finish.

Laminate flooring is a popular economical alternative to other hard surface products. It is very durable and wears well in high traffic areas. Laminate flooring however once damage cannot be sanded or coated and needs to be replaced. It is however a good alternative to those who are more budget conscious but still want a stylish and practical flooring solution.